Thursday, December 12, 2013

Heart Expressions

Aaron is taking I Language to the next level in these next two articles.  Fluid and free they follow the flow of his experience in the forests around our cabin.  I'm inspired by his expression, and refreshed by his new style.  The full articles can be viewed at the following links for free.   Follow Aaron directly on his blog:

"I face my problems instead of hiding from them. I empower myself by owning my part in my problems, and by working on changing my own self-destructive behavior. I learn to love myself, all parts of me, equally, as one. I learn to have patience and to listen to my pain. I learn to see my challenges as lessons in my journey."

"Yes, this ‘home’ I am seeking is really my heart. This ‘people’ I seek is really me, as in finding myself. I know this so deeply yet still I seek.

YES!!!  Thank I Aaron for sharing!