Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 Ways to Boost My Consciousness with I Language Yoga

This article was written by Aaron.  It clearly illustrates how I can use I Language...check it out!

"My thoughts have the power to manifest my reality. When I start owning all the different parts of me, I find that I have the ability to change my world simply by changing myself.  By transforming my language, I transform the energy behind my words and thoughts, and this transformation ripples out into my world. " 

Read the rest of the article for free at:

Monday, November 25, 2013

Evolutionary Sex!

"Evolutionary sex is experienced when complete individuals merge and consciously co-create. From this co-creation, a new era of balance, unity and consciousness is born. My revolution is sexual in nature.

I choose to revolt against my imbalanced, hyper-masculine culture.

I do this by by refusing to have sex with it."

This is an excerpt from my article Evolutionary Sex that was just published today in elephant journal.  Check out the rest of the article for free at the following link:


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spreading a Culture of Healing

Yesterday was a big one in 'I' Language land.  Two articles that my husband Aaron wrote were both published on the same date!  One in elephant journal online, and one in E.P.I.C. Magazine, which is based out of Durango, CO. This feels like a huge step towards bringing 'I' Language consciousness to my culture.  Obviously, I'm biased, but I think they are both brilliant!  Check the articles out at the following links:

elephant journal: "My Language of Unity."

E.P.I.C. Magazine: "Using Language to Create a Culture of Healing." (page 22-23)

Thank I, Love I, Heal I, Bless I

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